EUA Learning & Teaching Thematic Peer Groups release key considerations on enhancing learning and teaching

The University Times
19 March 2020

The 2019 EUA Learning & Teaching Thematic Peer Groups have concluded their work. The groups focused on peer-learning and the exploration of issues and good practice in learning and teaching. They presented their preliminary conclusions at the 2020 European Learning & Teaching Forum, hosted by Utrecht University in the Netherlands on 13-14 February.

The groups’ reports are now available online and focus on the following themes: Curriculum design; Internationalisation in learning and teaching; Student assessment; and Evidence-based approaches to learning and teaching.

“The work of these groups, whose members come from institutions all across Europe, exemplifies the common challenges faced by universities and the invaluable experience of exploring potential solutions to these challenges with peers,” said Tia Loukkola, Director of the EUA Institutional Development Unit. “In times like these, this is a particularly striking lesson”.

At the 2020 European Learning & Teaching Forum, group members also reported that they have started to implement some of the ideas raised in their respective groups, which further testifies to the success of their work.

The 2020 Learning & Teaching Thematic Peer Groups began their work in February. They will focus on: Approaches in learning and teaching to promoting equity and inclusion; Environmental sustainability of learning and teaching; and Meeting skills and employability demands. Their work and conclusions will feed into the programme of the 2021 European Learning & Teaching Forum, hosted by the University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain on 18-19 February 2021.

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