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Being a 14-year-old, I must admit that student life is difficult. But, being unaware about the various other difficulties that one has to face in life, I can’t say that this is the most difficult part of life.

Education undoubtedly plays a vital role in building character. Student life is the most important part of our life because this is the stage when an individual takes the first steps towards learning the basics of life. Students are dependent on the different philosophies that different personalities of the world feed us with. But being totally dependent on them can make us dull. Hence, we need to build our own philosophies. We should have the power to differentiate between good and bad.

There is no doubt that a student must be disciplined. He needs to be aware of the various circumstances that he faces. In this part of life, an individual discovers things and facts about the world, people and society. A student doesn’t have to struggle much in the early stages it is with age that his difficulties increase. After students reach a higher grade, their life seems to get tougher. It is at this time that they need to put in their best efforts in their studies if they want to be successful. This stage can be seen as a sort of practice that prepares you to face difficulties later in life.

†A man is known by the company he keeps. And this is absolutely true. A person needs to be very sincere in his studies keeping in mind the goals he wants to achieve. He needs to be careful about the company he keeps. If he is not careful he can fall prey to various kinds of diseases as well get addicted to drugs. Drug abuse seems to be a major factor that is responsible for ruining the life of students.

Along with company, a student must have good knowledge. He needs to be intelligent and fight against anything that harms his studies. He should struggle for achievement. A good student must be attentive. Two important things that one should imbibe as a student are sincerity and respect. It is important for a student to understand that “failure is the first step towards success and should not remain content with his marks. A student needs to work hard and once educated a student should utilise his education in a proper manner.

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