The Mess of Greek Universities

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Are these really universities in Europe?

Believe it or not those are universities for which the greek citizens pay a good amount of taxes every year to keep them going. In the years that passed after the revolution of 1974 the Greek universities became worse and worse producing a large number of unemployed young people with no manners and most importantly no future. The economic crisis of 2008 was a result of the Communism ideology that dominated the greek citizens after 1974.

Somebody would ask there are no goverments? there is no police? No ministers?

The truth is that nobody could touch the anarchist teams in the universities due to a law that was passed in 1981 considering universities a place that police or army was not allowed to step inside securing the freedom of speech and acts. But unfortunately instead of promoting the maturity of people and democracy through the freedom of speech, the Greek universities became the castle of the Anrchists, drug dealers, thugs, illegal immigrants and so on.

As soon as students were enrolling in the university organized teams of the main political parties of Greece would ask students to enroll with them to stregthen their voice, which is a good thing in theory.Citizens taking part in poltics it is healthy and promotes democracy. Unfortuantely that was not the case for all the Communist parties such as KKE, Antarsya and so on which they had as target to create Chaos in universities and receive their degrees by simply bullying the professors. A sick system that lasted for many years till August 2019, Ms Kerameos the minister of Education in Greece with the New Democracy party signed a law that in universities should be allowed only students and Police is allowed to go any time in and arrest people that are acting ilelgally. Since then a huge improvement was  noticed in universities. But unfortunately  there is still a huge deal of things to be done.

Communist  and corrupted professors are also a big problem in the Greek universities. They dont seem to want any change and resist to it in any possible way. Greece is the only country that Professors become only those that have good relations with other professors or the system. Till now Ms Kerameos seems to be incapable of doing absouloutely nothing to break this system and modernize the Greek universities. In the Era of Coronavirus where the whole world is paying attention only on this was a huge chance for her to take drastic measures to change everything but those drastic measures are nowhere to be seen. The universities were cleaned from the graffiti, refurbished in a way, but then again in a short time anarchist students managed to bring them to their initial disasterous state. The Minister of Education along with the Prime Minister of Greece Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis show no will to really modernize the way the Greek Universities operate. It is simply unbelievable the fact that Greek professors are proud that their universities are in the top 1000 (with most of them not to be in the list of universities) of the world below universities of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afganistan and so on.

It is time for the universities to start operating in the form of businesses with Proper Managers that can hire and fire as well as expell students at any time. Only then we will be able to talk about Greek education system. It is not accidental that all wealthy families and politicians send their children to study abroad in countries such as USA, UK, France and so on. How about those that do not have the money though?

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