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The Baltic International Academy is the largest degree-awarding tertiary educational institution in Latvia teaching primarily in the Russian language and the largest non-government higher education establishment in the Baltic countries. It was established in 1992 as the Baltic Russian Institute.
 Lomonosova iela 4, Latgales priekšpilsēta, Rīga, LV-1003, Latvia

Baltic International Academy (BMA) is the largest private higher education institution in Latvia (established in 1992) with 4500 students, including more than 450 foreign students from 22 countries of Europe and the world, which forms a multicultural environment in the academy. Lectures are taught by 200 full-time teachers, including 100 doctors of science and professors. BMA carries out training on accredited programs of higher professional education, having received in 1999 full permanent state accreditation with the right to issue diplomas of the state of the sample of the Republic of Latvia. The Smilten branch of the Baltic International Academy started its work in 2003. This branch is equipped with a good material and technical base, a lot of educational materials, access to the Internet and the possibility to use the latest technologies and electronic databases. For fifteen years of its existence, the branch has become an independent institution of higher education, with its traditions and habits, and its graduates work in excellent positions.

Theunitimes spoke with many students about studying int he baltic and the reviews were simply amazing. Students enjoyed studying there because as they said the university academic staff was supporting them so much that they did not expect that. The communication wioth the professors were great and they felt they were learning so many things that they could immediatelly start their career. All the students felt that the nightlife in latvia it was great and inexpensive and that was one of the major reasons to choose their studies in Latvia and specifically in The Baltic international Academy.

The great advantage is that most of the degrees are being taught in Russian language, so that means many students form the XUSSR countries might receive an EU Degree in their owne language which of course is a big plus. Riga is a great city to live and study with a vibrant life. Students love living there and becoming part of the local society.

Every student has the possibility during the summer if they wish to perform an internship in tourism and hospitality in one of the amazing destination’s baltic partners offer such as Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Italy and make enough money to cover their annual study fees.

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