Social Media is the new Wild west

Παύλος Ελένης

The University Times

We live in a world where everything is being dictated and driven by social media.  Influencers, online news, advertisement politics politicians, and judges of the Internet.

The first days of the Internet when only a few were those that have access and knowledge of how to do things have passed. Zuckerberg and his stolen software according to his movie have changed the world.  Bill gates who also stole his software from his partners became the rulers of the world.

But this new era does it serve the purpose of a better world? Does it give more opportunities to people? Does it help them to become better? Does it close the gap of injustice and inequality or it actually widens it? Bezos Zuckenberg and Gates have as much wealth as 50% of the world population. 3 people have a wealth of 50% of the world population. Can somebody give a clear answer then to what purpose they are serving by collecting all the wealth of the world?

Capitalism is unavoidable the only scheme that seemed to work till now but Capitalism started only a few years before and it already takes us to situations and times we lived in the past with Kings and Queens only this time Kings and Queens have a different name Zuckenberg, Bezos, Gates, Soros and so on. Will Capitalism work? or will it collapse like every other form of an economic and political system did in the past?

We do need the competition we do need the better to receive more than the good and the good more than the bad. But is this system serving its purpose or it has tremendous flaws that create more injustice. Is Capitalism serving the purpose of the few and their visions or it serves the vision of everybody?

How would a capitalist such as George Soros that has drawn nations into debts including Greece has the support of extreme left parties and Non-Govermental organizations such as solidarity now? How and why is George Soros behind the illegal immigration of Syrians, Africans Asians, and so on? Not only this but why and how the communist and extreme left groups and organizations that are being funded by Capitalists like George Soros believe that they are serving a communist or a fair purpose?

We live in the age of Information, and would specifically say the age of Fake information. The secret of promoting your purpose, products, news, or anything else through the internet is not a secret anymore, is being used form the good and the bad. Internet in conjunction with Social Media gave the right to everyone to become a judge, police officer, lawyer, coach it gave everyone the right to throw a stone to another person without feeling guilty. The volume of unnecessary information that people draw from the internet which in fact most of the times are fake, untrue and so on has taken us back in the medieval ages where people were burning the bad ones where there was no need for a trial the court was there to serve the popular feeling and not the justice.

We lived the era of Television where only the selected few had the privilege to spread the information to the public in any way they wanted. Everybody can spread information now. So what is the problem with social media? The spread of fake information purposely and intentionally and not unintentionally, the bullying that became cyberbullying and the Emperors which have created an Arena such as Instagram or Facebook, and now they see the peasants kill each other in their arena. How much they have done to protect the public? Absolutely nothing. So many big words, so many fake promises but yet again everybody remains the same an Arena for us, peasants, while Emperors like Zuckenber enjoy the show.

Social Media did not serve the purpose of the few did not cut the injustice and inequality they gave to the Rich ones the right to promote their interests cheaper with shady methods. Among them politicians, political parties, and countries. Let us not forget how much Russia influenced the previous Elections in the USA.  Let us watch closely the war on information between China and the USA at the current moment. The wars nowadays are being done on Social media. Watch out they are coming for you.

The University Times

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