Erasmus News 2020 because of Coronavirus

erasmus practice 2020 coronavirus news
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So many students throughout Europe are waiting impatiently this summer to follow their dreams and do an internship somwehere in Europe. The Pandemic of Coronavirus though brought the world upside down. An absouloute chaos and uncertaince are the two main thigns somebody is facing at the moment worldwide. And erasmus couldn’t be any different.

Will there be erasmus in 2020?

Most certainly there will be an erasmus but the only unknown factor is the when. At the moment the unviersities through Europe has set a date in coordination with Brussels for the 15th of May but that of course is only if everything goes ok and goverments all around Europe manage to cotain the virus. If not the date will be set for later .

What should a student do then?

Students at the moment should take all the necessary steps and find their internship prepare all their documents and wait for news. The COV-19 it will soon finish and there will be no time for students to prepare. So every students should act like everythign is ok and the sumer will be as planned. It is impossible for Goverments to have the borders closed for longer than 2 months, the economic impact that it will have on their countries it will devastate them.

Universities at the moment are closed but that does not mean that they will be close for a lot longer. Every university will open around Easter time and they will try to run as fast as possible to cover the lost ground.

The University Times

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