Should i pay for an Educational Advisor to enrol me in a university?

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Should I pay for A Daewoo or a Porsche all these questions come down to what somebody wants? We have asked Consultants of Algoos Study work and Travel the leading agency in education and internships in Europe with more than 1000 placements per year and here is what we found out.

First of all, the website of a company has a lot to tell you, the website needs to have normal numbers and clear addresses. As well as the Company must be able to provide you with clear references form universities and students. When we say students, we mean students that you already know. The crooks are usually very well organized and can even provide you with references which are probably other people participating in this scheme. Usually, the people have done the job before and know exactly what to tell you. But it is your responsibility to ask for an exact address. For Example, Kiev, Ukraine, that is not an address.

Few years back a company messaged Algoos from UK claiming that they were offering programs in UK, Australia, New Zealand and so on at very good rates. What though seemed really strange was that the price was really good. Remember bad companies or companies with low prices are the ones you should be scared of. The Low price or the word free are the ones that attract people to fall in the trap. Firstly let ‘make clear there is nothing free in this world. There is always some kind of payment, so prefer companies that they will tell you everything up front, they will ask you for an upfront payment clear without the small letters. At least you will know what you are paying for. The low price always has many additional costs hidden and somewhere on the way they will get you by surprise, and really this is when the party starts. For instance, the cost of an internship should be around 200-300 euros in a European country unless its countries like France where the cost starts from 600 to 1000 euros.The Cost for an Agent to enrol you in a university should be between 1500 to 3000 euros depending the destination. If somebody offers you a free internship then it means they will either take half of your salary or you will have to pay it somewhere on the way. So, no nothing is free, forget it. You will get paid for your job and the agent want to get paid as well and this is not a crime. You should accept that as this is how the world works. The sooner you understand that the better you will start developing your business ethics.

The universities from UK, Australia, USA New Zealand pay Agents a lot of money to refer students. So once you go to an Agent that will tell you that his services are free, then you just lost your dream university, The agent will try co convince you that the universities or colleges he represents are the best but really there is no reason for you to listen to an Agent. Just go on Topuniversities.com and find the list with the best universities. That’s where you want to study and don’t negotiate yourself for a lower university unless your finances are low so you need to adapt to a new reality and choose a cost-efficient country.  But then again why go to UK then for instance and not go to Poland to Jagellonian University which is on top 5% of the world.

Surely Switzerland is a destination that might seems interesting as they are very well organized in offering Education services. They might even show you rankings saying their private universities are on the top of the world such as Le Roches but the truth is that on the official rankings they are nowhere to be found. So save yourself some time and put your brain to think. The best solution for you are Education consultants that cooperate with many countries and Many Universities and they will represent YOU and not the university or college. If you are the client, they will do their best to enrol you in the university of your dreams but if the Client is the University/College they will simply try to enrol you there so they can get their big fat commission.

So, as you understand there is not a thing as free services neither free consultations. When a company is advertising first consultation free is the time they want to try and sell you their services. So be prepared to pay know what you want to achieve ask for it. An agent will respect your needs more and will be more honest with you if you go up to them and say I know I have to pay and I am ok with that but according to my grades and work experience I know I can achieve enrolment to one of the best universities worldwide and I need you to make my dream come true. So, can you do that?

Don’t ‘ask for scholarships, everybody does that and the agents keep lying they can offer you scholarships so they can enrol you in their program. An Education Agent is not a job agency so don’t ask them for an in-campus job they can’t and won’t offer that. What you can do is just ask for information on what you should do to get a job, that will show you are serious down to earth and you know what you are asking without making fool our of yourself. The agent’s job is to enrol you at the university so don’t call them once you enrol for further information, they don’t know what to answer you and if they do answer you it all be a guess. Find your own way once you get there.

There are no certificates for good Educational Agents, the certificates as ICEF, British council or anything else are just techniques how to register you on their programs and its just a way for the governments to make money. There are countries such as UK that Universities are their heavy industry so they have prepared accordingly but do not believe any of the things they say, its just all advertisement. UK its not tea and queen and the teachers do not really care about unless you are in one of the top 10 schools of the country, they care about the money you are adding in the system, they won’t offer you any assistance later and neither legal assistance as they were supposed to. So, choosing the destination of your dreams is all about what you want to achieve and how. Make your own research and use the agent to help you with application and give you an insight on every country only if they have been there, If they haven’t been or if they represent just one country they will not give you an insight, just advertising information in order to enrol you in their program. Do not choose agents that they will ask you to pay per application as it will cost you much more than a one time all inclusive fee.



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