Trump another dictator like Erdogan and Putin

Trump Supports Racism
The University Times

Like the world did not have enough problems and enough lunatics ruling the world another one wants to be added to the list of world dictators. USA one of the countries that respect and appreciate democracy and freedom is on the verge of a dictatorship or a coup from President Donald Trump who refuses systematically to acknowledge his defeat of the November 3rd elections . If somebody would say that 4 years ago during the Obama administration nobody would believe but yes it is true.

Black people of USA were constantly complaining about racism and social inequality and all these now seem absolutely true. A Narcissistic President who supported KKK and white supremacists failed at any moment to speak clearly and condemn these actions and groups. Trump has been a damn for the free world. The past 4 years have truly changed the way the world was going to creating an absolute mess with USA losing a lot of her partners.

Will finally King Trump decide to give the presidency to Pρesident Elect Joe Biden or he will follow the example of his good friends such as Erdogan, Kim, and Vladimir Putin?


The University Times

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