Pavlos Elenis owner of Algoos tell us What to look for in a country to Study Abroad


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Pavlos Elenis owner of Algoos Study work and travel talks about possible countries that you can study abroad.In Year 2020 the internationalization not only has been affected by the coronavirus but it has started establishing itself even more with the long distance teaching. Technology is advancing rapidly and that gives the opportunity to schools and students to establish new teaching techniques and studying.

Studying abroad will exist as long as there is inequality in the world and ambition. Those who want to excel will always choose to go and study abroad to universities and institutions which are world recognized and will give them the career boost they need. Attending a school like Harvard, MIT, Tufts Yale, Princeton, Oxford and many others can give a clear boost on a person’s career. Not only this but also the starting salaries are always a lot higher for candidates that finished world recognized schools.

In a world of business where everything has been monetized there are countries that have lost their way and have dropped their study level and quality way too much to the point that you cannot consider them anymore study destinations for instance Switzerland and there are destinations that regardless of the economic storm and difficulties world has gone through they managed to keep they standards at the highest possible level separating them even more from the Mass. One of these countries it’s of course USA.

Someone does not need a lot to realize that when he/she just checks the world ranking of universities and see the monopoly among the American universities in the list. Of course UK used to be a traditional study destination as well but unfortunately their exit from EU as well as the economic and social turbulence they are going through for more than 10 years and the raise in tuition fees does not make them an attractive study destination at least for now.

Someone can understand the difference in quality of English schools and universities with the American Vs the world simply by just coming in contact with them. Regardless whether you are agent, parent or student they American schools, colleges and Universities they will certainly treat you with respect and the majority will answer your questions.

The issue with the English universities is that usually the positions of the recruiters are held by simple administration staff that look at their watch for when their shift is finished. They will never do the “something extra” and review an agent for instance online, or a student on Facebook to ensure they are taking the right decision. This is actually their strategy even in teaching methods. I have been a student in UK and unfortunately the level of Professors was not satisfactory, we had professors that had never worked in their lives or never participated in a research, professors with broken English or professors that were mumbling and nobody could understand a word. The communication with the professors and administration staff was always cold and insufficient in contrast to the communication that teachers and staff have at the campuses in USA. This is not a matter of personal opinion but it is a matter of lifestyle when a country is famous for the worst customer service in the world( UK ) you can’t expect them to offer better “customer service” to a student. In contrast to them USA is famous for their customer service so yes for them it is a way of life it is not a matter of one student or a matter of an answer it is how they have learned to live and this is what makes USA a great country for living and for studies. When you want to study abroad make sure that you take everything into consideration, as your sanity and the way people will treat you will play important role, you do not want to be treated as ”just another foreign student”.

The University Times

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