And Now what?

Παυλος ΕλενηςΠαυλος Ελενης
The University Times

Unbelievable things that are happening nowadays around the world due to the Coronavirus. People are stuck in their houses, large businesses are in danger of bankruptcy many of which already asked the help of their governments such as Lufthansa and Air France and universities and schools are shut for an unknown period.

It does seem like a bad dream like many have said, it does sparkle discussions for conspiracy theories and so on but the reality is one. The health systems across the world are collapsing form a simple virus. The stock markets are drowning and small to medium-size businesses are on the edge of shutting down.

Most of all though what has been tremendously hit from Coronavirus and people across the planet use the same hashtag #DONOTCANCEL to save tourism. So many large organizations working in tourism will definitely go busted if this world crisis will last for another 3-4 months. Companies are desperately looking for liquidity but the banks are nowhere to be found. Governments seem to take drastic measures but this is only a small stone to the palaces that are being destroyed rapidly.

The world movement to save older people has tremendous financial consequences and regardless of any measures taken the virus, it does not seem to withdraw from its current aggressive stake. This is a crisis of the whole world that nobody was ever expecting. Will the world be the same after this? Things will definitely change and Germany will definitely stop ruling Europe as USA will stop ruling the world after the tremendous selfish acts of Trump.The world is shaking and nobody knows when it will stop.

The University Times

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