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Kaunas or Vilnius University of Applied sciences is better in tourism and hospitality in Lithuania - The University Times

Kaunas or Vilnius University of Applied sciences is better in tourism and hospitality in Lithuania

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It doesn’t take long for somebody to understand that Kaunas University of Applied sciences has a tremendous program in tourism and hospitality as well as catering. With a simple visit to their website

Tourism and Hotel Management


somebody can see that their degrees related to hospitality are complete and they are giving to students the opportunity to receive extended up-to-date knowledge on the subject and acquire the necessary information that will make them competitive and suceesful in the future.  Certainly, there are many other schools in Lithuania that are equally great such as LCC, KVK, SMK, Klaipeda University, Siauliai University of applied sciences, Mykolas Romaeris that they also do a tremendous job.

One of the first things that somebody can visit on the website of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences is their ethics and understanding on the importance of multiculturalism presenting their program to be available for everybody around the world regardless of nationality, ethnicity or color and they do this loud and clear with a simple photo, only one simple photo can summarize the ethics and attitude of a whole organization on the understanding of the modern-day demanding educational environment. Fail to place a photo like this and you have already failed to say to the world how open and flexible you are. Fail to place a photo like this and you fail to tell the world that you are not racist anymore or nationalist.

What is most important than all these in Kaunas is of course, the staff that administer the program and their deep and extensive knowledge in tourism and restaurants. The term hospitality has been connected primarily with the hotel industry and not accidental it is important for people to have extensive knowledge on the hotel industry to create successful degrees and professionals. The best professionals in the world definitely want to have on their CV this amazing 5-star hotel with great reviews on the internet and an excellent reputation that will boost their career. What though makes excellent hotels excellent is their culture, working spirit, and enthusiasm in creating the “magic” in the hospitality industry and everybody who has worked in it knows it. Take an example of the University of Woosong in South Korea one of the most developed countries that understood the necessity of building a program like no other worldwide and paid a whole a lot of money to hire as dean of the Tourism School Mr. Mihali Toanoglou from Greece who had 25 years experience in the Hotel industry as Hotel Manager and Hotel consultant.

It is known worldwide that universities that have Academic Staff with prior knowledge in the field regardless of the sector can definitely create the professionals of tomorrow. For several years on the top of the list are countries as Switzerland, France, the USA, Germany, Greece. But there are universities from around the world that also do a magnificent job and this is Kaunas university of applied sciences simply because it’s staff have previous working experience and great international relations.

In the very same country, you can find a university that is doing a great job and another that cannot keep up with the standards disappointing the businesses with their graduates. If you, for instance, compare the students of two universities of Lithuania, Kaunas University of Applied sciences and Vilnius College you will notice the difference in the culture of the students. The culture is being taught in action and can be taught properly only if you have the necessary experience in the field. The students from Kaunas university are eager to learn and start from the bottom and work their way up in contrast to those from Vilnius college that know absolutely nothing about the industry. Students from Kaunas University of applied sciences are more independent and have more skills and ethos to solve the everyday problems at work. The students of Kaunas University of Applied sciences want to work fast adopt, show that they deserve it, and climb up the ladder. On the other side, we have the students of Vilnius College who seem confused, lost, with minimal information and scarcity of hunger to work and learn. Unfortunately, this is not the fault of the student but of the Staff responsible for the Tourism and Hospitality program as well as Hotel and Restaurant Management which in this case is for instance Alina Katunian and Nida Mačerauskienė Dean of the business faculty of Vilnius and of course the Rector of the College who does not do anything to fix this. Are they bad people? Of course not, but their scarcity in knowledge and absence of previous experience in the field like Mihalis Toanoglou has for example makes it impossible for them to create a successful program. One of the examples we just mentioned is for instance the photo on the tourism and hospitality program that has only white students saying in other words to the rest of the international people that they are not welcome. How a university with such an attitude could have a different attitude towards students and professionals, it simply can’t. You cannot expect a thief to see a wallet on the street and return it to the police. Simple small things show us the real identity of people or programs or universities as a matter of fact.  The same thing can somebody notice in their web page for the Business Management faculty that every person in the photos is Lithuanian.  Is it bad? Of course not, when you are in a country you expect to see people of that specific country, but when you advertise yourself as a modern-day university that uses the money of the European Union you need to understand that you have to present yourself as non-discriminatory and promote yourself as a European university and not only Lithuanian.

Having in your university staff with prior experience in the field, open flexible, and ready to adapt and update the program constantly is what brings success to the University and the students. Developing the right culture in the university and creating the hospitality spirit is by far the most important task for universities that want to teach hospitality, fail to do that and you will fail to create a successful program regardless of how many courses you include in your degree. It seems that Professors running the program of tourism and hospitality and catering in Kaunas university of applied sciences understood that and managed to create an excellent and successful program.

One more important factor is the thirst for employment and success of the students that study at Kaunas university of applied sciences. Hundreds of them apply every summer for Erasmus programs because they know that having international experience gets them closer to their dream, capturing that management position, Modestas Riauka Erasmus Coordinator of Kaunas is educating all his students that all big dreams start with one step at a time and patience, capture the opportunity while you can and you will succeed in your life and this is a great lesson to give to students worldwide.  Great Students are being created when in a university there is Great culture and to do that you need to have staff with prior academic working experience, flexible, smart that know the market and know know how to listen but most of all they have ethos.

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