COVID19 and restrictions finish End of February

The University Times

We are going through a very difficult pandemic which has changed not only our plans but the whole world itself. Still, young people are eager to go back to their lives and finish once and for all with this annoying COVID19 that has stolen most of their valuable time the past 12 months since it was first announced in China.

Universities still close and most of the countries force their citizens to go in quarantine. But Pfizer and AstraZeneca according to their announcements they started producing already the vaccination for more than 4 billion people. But the most important question is when will the vaccination start? When we will finally be able to get back to our lives?

Well, the vaccination will start in a month or 2 in the developed countries and we will be able to go back to our lives maximum till End of February when a big chunk of our society will have been vaccinated. Unfortunately financially COVID will have stolen from us around 14 months but soon it will be a forgotten bad nightmare. There was no way that the pandemic could last any day longer than February and that is because a lot of people are already in difficult financial situations imagine a year more what would actually happen. Already most of the EU governments have put their countries in lockdown so they can reopen for Christmas shopping. November has always been a slow month for every market as most of the people save money to spend in Christmas.

Are you looking to make plans for May 2021 and later? make sure you will do them now so you can get the best possible  prices and find a spot on the holiday package you want to go.

The University Times

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