Universities welcome AU$1 billion research bailout package

The University Times

Universities say their pleas have been answered after the federal budget contained a AU$1 billion research bailout package to help plug the hole caused by the collapse of the international student market, writes Lisa Visentin for The Sydney Morning Herald.

The funding lifeline comes amid a horror year for the sector as many universities were forced to slash hundreds of jobs in response to a sudden decline in international student enrolments due to border closures.

The Group of Eight – which represents the eight institutions that account for 70% of Australia’s university research – said the funding would “reverberate positively” through industry and security sectors, which rely heavily on research advancements in technology and science. “We have been quite desperate in past months as researchers were being stood down and research programmes faltered or halted all because we were missing the international student fees, which previously paid for Australia’s research,” chief executive Vicki Thomson said.

The University Times

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