Prime Minister Borisof of Bulgaria accuses the President for Espionage

Study in Bulgaria is NOT SAFE

The University Times

Usually things like these happen only in movies but seems that they also happen in Bulgaria, one of the most corrupted countries worldwide.

Tensions have flared in the highest echelons of Bulgarian politics after Prime Minister Boyko Borisov accused President Rumen Radev of using drone surveillance on him.

Borisov’s statement came after some of the photographs and voice recordings of his personal life were released to media outlets. Borisov held a news conference on the incident and stated that Radev crossed every line with his alleged drone surveillance.

Borisov added that the drones were pulled back after he threatened to shoot them down.

Radev, on the other hand, admitted that he owns a drone but denied Borisov’s surveillance accusations.

There has long been a rift between Bulgaria’s pro-European Union Prime Minister Borisov and President Radev, who was elected on the Bulgarian Communist Party ticket.

There are photos all over the internet from Prime Minister Borisov that sleeps with a gun on his bedside table and hundreds of 500 euros bills as well as gold. It has been a common secret for many years that Prime minister Borisov is the head of Mafia in Bulgaria and now President Radev comes to confirm these allegations.

Study in Bulgaria is not and never been safe.

The University Times

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