Vistula university is being accused of hosting Terrorists according to the Turkish Intelligence Agency. How safe it is to study there?

vistula universityvistula university
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According to an rticle that was published in 2017 in Hurriet, the National Intelligence Agency of Poland has identified Vistula University in Poland as a university that hosts Supporters of Fetullah Gullen who believed ot be behind the coup aginst Erdogan in 2016.

According to the article a number of universities around the world were financed and staffed by Fetullah in order to promote his agenda. Vistula University is being accused of trying to destabilize the Turkish government by sending emails and official reports accusing the Turkish Government. Vistula’s University majority of students are Muslim and a large number of the staff as well are of  muslim origin.

The MİT report said the teachers appointed to FETÖ schools abroad have duties and responsibilities in addition to teaching, with many operating as “imams” of the country where they are sent, responsible for overseeing the group’s operations in that country. Teachers were tasked with creating good ties with the authorities, following all political, economic and social developments, and exploring new investment areas for the FETÖ businessmen in the countries where they work, it added.

The global network of the Fethullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ) is made up of more than 500 companies, hundreds of foundations and media outlets, and over 1,000 schools across 170 countries, a report by Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency (MİT) has stated.

The MİT examines FETÖ’s global network and links in a report sent to the parliamentary panel tasked with probing the failed July 2016 coup attempt, staged by military personnel linked with FETÖ.

According to the report, FETÖ’s started spreading its activities in the international arena in the early 1990s, opening schools in the Turkic countries of Central Asia after the collapse of the Soviet Republic.

“FETÖ subsequently became an organization operating in 170 countries from the Balkans to the Caucasus, from Central Asia to Europe, from North America to the Far East, from the Middle East to Africa, using the foundation of religion-money-politics. FETÖ also developed links by creating communication with prominent Christian and Jewish religious figures under the title of ‘Interfaith Dialogue,’ especially after Sept. 11,” read the report.

The University Times

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